Would you like an extra $1024 in your pocket a month?


Predictable costs help improve profits

Bill Smoothing: For a smoother running business

Hiring an apprentice or trainee is a real financial commitment, just like hiring an employee. There are wages to be paid which naturally puts extra pressure on your budget.

Normally GTOs (Group Training Organisations) advise that you only have to pay while the apprentice or trainee is actually on the work floor and you don’t pay if the apprentice is at TAFE, sick or on holiday. This means that you’re paying for your apprentice or trainee over 36 weeks of the year.

For example, rather than having 26 fortnights (52 weeks) to pay the salary of your apprentice, you have to pay it over 18 fortnights (36 weeks). This puts a considerable extra amount of pressure onto your cash flow.

At Directions we give host employers the same deal they would have when they hire someone directly, we spread the cost out evenly over the whole year.

Calculation, cash flow and less risk

Say an apprentice costs $30,000 for a year:

At most GTOs: $30,000 over 18 fortnights = you pay $1,666.66 a fortnight

Directions: $30,000 over 26 fortnights = you pay $1,153.84 a fortnight

By using our model it means you’re paying over $512 less a fortnight or $1024 a month!

This considerably reduces the pressure on the cash flow for a business. You still have to pay the same amount but it is spread out over the whole year.

A smoother experience

At Directions you pay a simple fixed amount every fortnight of the year which makes budgeting easier. The fortnightly amount includes the following: Annual Leave, Sick leave, Holiday Pay, Leave Loading, Tafe Fees, Tafe books, Worker’s Compensation, Payroll and Administration.