Clicking her way to new opportunities

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Teresa W Grogan_sept15

Teresa W Grogan_sept15

Sometimes all that is standing between you and success is a little confidence, and some training. Take the case of Teresa Grogan.

Teresa had many skills in retail and counter-hand work but after a number of unsuccessful job applications was feeling less that positive. Teresa was definite about wanting to find employment but was unsure of her ability to find it, especially online.

“I am unemployed and was scared to use the computer.  I went to Directions to look for some work” Teresa said.

As part of her Career Action Plan she wanted to learn and gain confidence using the computer and gain additional skills.

After attending Directions’ Basic Computer course and with regular practice, Teresa overcame her fear of the technology and is making it work for her.

“I have now enrolled in CY O’Connor Institute Certificate II in Business and computing training.  I now don’t fear the computer!”

“As well as the computer course and doing networking I have volunteered my kitchen hand skills around town,” Teresa added.

Teresa is now assisting as a volunteer every week with the Over 60’s Club in Northam.  She is also doing volunteer work with the Anglicare Op Shop, all while still looking for paid work in customer service and retail.

“Directions has given me the strength and belief in myself that if you put your mind to it you can do anything.”