Daniel scores a FIFO role

Recognition, Success Stories

Daniel Frith - FIFO imageA career is a journey not a single destination and Daniel Frith is proving that continuing to work towards your goals with the help of Career Centre can pay off.

Daniel has been utilising Directions’ Career Centre services since June 2016 getting assistance and guidance with job applications, resume updates, and building a career plan. He had previously successfully secured a cleaning position but his goals saw him working towards the next step on his career journey.

Daniel has successfully completed more than half a dozen swings as a Utilities Worker, on a fly-in/fly-out basis (FIFO), and has now been given a permanent full-time employment contract.

His workplace supervisor told Career Development Officer Vikki Sinagra that she is very happy with Daniel’s performance, so much so that she can now take a proper break when required “knowing the place won’t fall apart (without her)”!

“If it wasn’t for Career Centre, I wouldn’t be in this position and have this great opportunity of full time employment,” Daniel told us.