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Desmond Ryder

Desmond RyderDesmond Ryder became a client of Directions’ Aboriginal Workforce Development Centre (AWDC) when he came into our Northam office seeking assistance to find employment.

Our Aboriginal Training and Employment Coordinator, Brenda De Atta was able to assist him with resume writing, cover letter writing, and online job searching, as well as providing career guidance and interview tips. Desmond was successful in finding suitable employment and worked very hard, but he also had a dream; to start his own garden maintenance business.

Once again Brenda was able to point Desmond in the right direction and let him know where he had to go to get assistance locally in Northam. He was given help obtaining an ABN and Brenda was able to identify the support networks that could help Desmond achieve his self-employment goal.

“I am so proud of how determined and persistent Desmond Ryder has been to make the dream of owning his own business a reality.”

“It’s important for Aboriginal people to see what’s possible and get them motivated and involved in a start-up business in their community. To create a flow-on effect and build a business that would benefit their communities is so exciting.”

We wish Desmond every success!