New career in new home town for Koroheke

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Starting a new career can be even trickier when you are also starting your life in a new country. But that didn’t stop Koroheke Hemopo who recently relocated to Northam from Christchurch, New Zealand.

Koroheke visited Directions’ Career Centre who provided assistance including local labour market information, training options, advice about local services, and one to one career guidance.

Career Development Officer Vikki Sinagra worked with Koroheke to create a career action plan which included identifying short and long-term career goals and what actions may be required to reach them.

Koroheke went on to attend one of Directions’ free resume workshops, enabling him to create a stronger resume. He completed his traffic controller ticket which then lead to him securing a casual Traffic Controller role in the Wheatbelt.

“I am really enjoying my new role as I have been able to see much of WA country side and meet a diverse range of people who are to become lifelong friends.” Koroheke told us.

“The whole process has been interesting and had I not have attended Career Centre I would not have known the key information required to secure this role.”

One of the aspects Koroheke told us he learned was the importance of having a personal touch with his employment applications and dropping in to talk to business managers and owners.

Koroheke would like to encourage other job seekers by saying “anything is possible”. We agree!