Clean career move for Carol

Success Stories

Vikki Sinagra, Carol Ramswell and Megan Creagh

Carol Ramswell has polished up her skills and resume and swept up a cleaning position. After seeking casual employment for the last eight months Carol attended Directions’ Career Centre in Northam to get assistance with her career journey.

Career Centre’s employability workshops provided understanding on how to write a good resume and promote her skills and experience and a career action plan developed. Carol also received career guidance, local labour market information, and computer-aided guidance.

Carol received a call from a local commercial cleaning business regarding a trial after only a couple of online job applications and dropping off her updated resumes to local businesses.

That very successful job trial allowed Carol to showcase her extensive commercial cleaning experience and resulted in the offer of a job cleaning local schools, residential properties and commercial businesses in the Northam area.

“If it wasn’t for the assistance of Career Centre’s friendly and helpful staff I believe I would be feeling rather discouraged and would still be without employment” said Carol.

Even after the job offer, she was able to get advice and assistance from the staff at Career Centre with completing her induction paperwork prior to commencing employment.