Mustering up his ideal career

Recognition, Success Stories

Sometimes it takes a little while to get on the right career path but Mark Best proves that persistence pays off, especially if you get the right assistance.

Mark has been a client of both Directions’ Aboriginal Workforce Development Centre and Career Centre for some time. He has received assistance in searching and applying for work and is receiving ongoing mentoring and support as he progresses his career plans.

With encouragement from our team, Mark pursued his ambition via training at Muresk to become a qualified Stockman. Mark has now successfully landed his first full-time mustering position in Broome.

Mark has continued to work towards his dreams and goals. His future ambitions include starting a breeding program and pursuing opportunities in the cattle markets in the USA.

“His hard work shows no matter how long it takes it is worth continuing to reach for your dreams as you can end up doing what you love and get paid for it!” said Career Development Officer Megan Creagh.