Self marketing the key

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One of the key skills our Career Centre team encourage clients to develop is the ability to market yourself as a potential employee. When you are pursuing a marketing related role, how you do this can really set you apart from other job candidates as June Tilley discovered setting herself on the path to her new career.

After relocating to Northam from Norseman in 2017, June was seeking a career change from administration to the real estate industry. When she first approached Directions, June had already been actively job seeking for some time and was “feeling depressed and discouraged from all the knock backs”.

Two years real estate industry experience is required to become a licensed agent and to get this experience June was willing to consider even part-time, casual, or volunteer opportunities to get there.

Following a recent career guidance session with Career Development Officer Vikki Sinagra to brainstorm new ways to self-market and stand out to employers, June created a promotional flyer to advertise her skills and market herself as if she were a property, handing them out to potential employers throughout the Avon region. Thirty-seven flyers generated various networking meetings with employers in real estate and from that, she has secured a part-time property manager position.

Together, they also looked at training courses that will build on June’s current skills set and support her in her career goals, and June is now undertaking a certificate IV in Marketing and Communications.

“When you are unemployed and seeking employment it can be a very emotional journey.” June told us.

“The Career Centre staff have been approachable, professional and uplifting from start to finish.”