Future Moves out and about

Success Stories, Testimonials

Directions Career Centre have recently delivered the Future Moves program for the first time to Dalwallinu District High Schools secondary students.

The program was delivered through a series of in-class workshops organised by Deputy Principal (Secondary) Bill Stewart working with Directions’ Career Development Officer Vikki Sinagra.

Future Moves is a career guidance program which helps students to identify career aspirations and goals through career exploration activities. Future Moves covers topics including lifelong learning and workforce preparation, career profiling and exploration, vocational education and training, apprenticeships and traineeships,  university pathways, job search and application techniques, and developing a career action plan. During the program, students are also shown the importance and connection between their schooling and career development.

“Your enthusiasm and professional engagement with the students was very positive and the evidence they have in their career portfolios is a testimony to that,” Mr Stewart told Vikki.

Vikki was also impressed. “I really enjoyed my time with the students and found they were all very respectful, not only to me but each other. I found the school had a great sense of family and was an absolute pleasure to deliver the program in such an environment.” Vikki is pictured here with DDHS Principal Petrina Bean.

March also saw the program delivered to senior students at Mukinbudin District High School over a fortnight in March.

We think the success of the Future Moves program is also based on the great working relationships Directions has with our region’s schools, who share our commitment to helping the students maximise their potential. Our team works closely with Education, Training and Industry Liaison Officers, Participation Coordinators, and Transition & Engagement Managers to ensure the program is current, relevant, and appropriate for district and senior high schools throughout the Wheatbelt.