The right advice can change everything!

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When Tammy Taylor moved to Northam at the beginning of 2018 she was looking for work and unsure if she wanted to remain in her current industry. On advice from a friend (what a good friend!) Tammy sought assistance from Directions’ Career Centre to help her find work locally.

Career Development Officer Megan Creagh met with Tammy and went through her working history, likes and dislikes, and helped work out a plan forward to find suitable employment.

The evaluation included looking at the ticket and licensing requirements and identified that if Tammy wanted to remain in Community Services it would be beneficial for her to update her expired First Aid certificate. After some research on training options, Megan connected Tammy with the St John Ambulance regional office in Northam and assisted her with her online enrolment.

While Tammy completed her first aid certificate, Megan and Tammy also worked on creating her new resume, tailoring it to the community services sector, and began applying for positions. Only three applications later Tammy gained an interview with a local Aged Care Facility.

Tammy then came back to Directions’ Career Centre for further advice on what to bring to the interview, expectations of interview dress, the types of questions that would be asked and how to answer them, and just as importantly, tips and techniques to deal with nerves.

Tammy has now commenced her new role within a month of first visiting Directions and one of the things she highlighted was the fact that the employer was impressed she had gone out to get the First aid certificate prior to applying for the position.

“When Megan suggested I follow up on training or take a certain path she was always doing it with my best interest at heart, making sure I had knocked down as many problems as I could that might prevent me from getting an interview,” Tammy said.

Directions wish Tammy every success in her new role.