Patience pays off for Karen

Success Stories

Karen Jones relocated to Northam from the WA goldfields region last year where she had been working as a truck driver in the mining industry. Karen was seeking full time employment locally and had a strong background in a range of occupations including commercial cleaner warehouse supervisor, store person, and machine operator, as well as truck driving. But it was Karen’s flexible yet determined attitude that made a big difference in how quickly she was able to secure employment and settle successfully into her new home.

Directions’ Career Centre has been provided ongoing career support and advice to Karen since November including creating a career action plan, receiving application and career advice, learning career-based computer basics, and attending workshops for building employability skills.

After getting assistance with an online job application two months ago for a local commercial cleaner position, Karen was excited to be invited for an interview. In preparation Karen attended a mock interview to practice her technique and build her confidence plus getting further advice on self-marketing, interview tips and general preparation. And it paid off! Karen was offered the full time contract commencing in July.

“I would not have secured this role if it wasn’t for the advice from the staff at Directions Career Centre in Northam” Karen told us.

Karen also wanted to help other job seekers benefit from what she learned throughout her application experience.

“Be patient especially with government roles or large companies as the application process can take longer than one may expect, stay positive and seek professional advice where possible.”

Congratulation Karen, we wish you every success in your new role.