Apprenticeships & Traineeships

Who can apply for an apprenticeship or traineeship

Apprenticeships or traineeships (also know as ‘Australian Apprenticeships’) are available to anyone of working age. You do not need a secondary school certificate or other qualification to be able to do an Australian Apprenticeship but some employers may prefer their potential apprentices to have one, or have acheived minimum levels in relevant subjects at school. You can do an apprenticeship or traineeship if you are a school-leaver, re-entering the workforce or as an adult worker simply wishing to change careers. You may also be able to commence your apprenticeship or traineeship while your still at school finishing Years 11 and 12.

Why consider an apprenticeship or traineeship

Apprenticeships or traineeships provide an opportunity to train and earn an income at the same time while working towards a nationally recognised qualification. These qualifications can be at varying levels, ranging from entry level to trade and post trade levels.

Currently in Western Australia there are more than 80 types of apprenticeships and 400 types of traineeships available.

So what is the difference between apprenticeships and traineeships?

The difference between an traineeship and an apprenticeship is that a traineeship can be either full-time or part-time, is usually for around 12 months on average and is generally in a non-trade related area. In contrast, an apprenticeship  usually last for three to four years, is generally full-time and is usually in a trade related area.