Being a Host Employer

Currently in Western Australia there are more than 80 types of apprenticeships and 400 types of traineeships available, so there is likely to be at least one to suit your business.

Trade apprenticeships are well known to many employers, and hosting an apprentice can not only make a positive contribution to your business but also increase the skilled labour pool for the future.

But have you considered your office staff, sales staff, perhaps warehousing? There are also fantastic traineeship options available for all these occupations and more.

Workplace health and safety is a key priority for Directions and we work with the apprentice and host employer to ensure that all Directions apprentices and trainees not only stay safe but also contribute to the safety culture in your workplace. It is unlawful to provide an unsafe workplace and Directions staff are constantly updated on changes to workplace health and safety legislation and are trained in providing risk assessment and general advice to employers. In addition to working to ensure the wellbeing of everyone in the workplace, a high standard of health and safety practice will:
  • optimise your productivity
  • reduce or eliminate lost time and costs due to injury
  • support host company compliance with legislation and regulation
  • build a better safety culture in your business