10 Good Reasons to Employ an Apprentice or Trainee

Based on feedback from employers just like you, here are 10 very good reasons to take on an apprentice or trainee in your business.

  1. Build a learning culture, which improves the skills of your whole workforce, not just the apprentice or trainee.
  2. Enhance productivity; research shows that those companies who employ apprentices and trainees have better productivity than those who don’t.
  3. Develop supervisory skills in your existing workforce.
  4. Provides a positive return on investment as you enhance organisational capability and reduce overheads. Employers who train report tangible financial results.
  5. An improved safety awareness, performance and culture in the workplace.
  6. Apprentices and trainees can be trained to meet the specific needs of your business while also gaining nationally recognised skills and qualifications.
  7. Increases your ability to gain contracts and new work.
  8. Improves staff engagement and reduces turnover.
  9. Adds significantly to staff morale and loyalty.
  10. By the time they are qualified, you have a skilled specialist worker who knows your business and your customers.