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Can they see you?

It’s the winter solstice later this week which means now and for a little while at least, daylight hours are at their shortest for the year. This means more than at any other time of year, a lot of us go to work when it’s darker and come home when it’s darker. We all know… more

Seasonal Affective Disorder…is it real?

Man looking at rain

Seasonal Affective Disorder…it is real? With all the rain we have been getting in Perth lately the chances of experiencing it or working with someone who is suffering, increases. So what exactly is it? Seasonal affective disorder (or SAD as it is commonly referred) is a form of depression in which people experience depressive episodes during specific times of… more

Have your say on new WHS laws

In July 2017, the State government announced the development of a modernised Work Health and Safety Act for Western Australia, based on the national model Work Health and Safety Bill. This new legislation is intended to replace three acts; the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984, Mines Safety and Inspection Act 1994, and Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Safety Levies Act 2011…. more

Are your surroundings putting you at risk?

A recent incident which saw a worker seriously injured highlights the importance of not only assessing the safety of the location and equipment you are actually working on, but also the surrounding or nearby equipment and other environmental conditions. In May this year, an employer was prosecuted and fined $45,000 and ordered to pay costs… more

Make your Take 5 count

Everyone agrees that safety in the workplace is important. It helps ensure our safety and the safety of those around us. Yet everyday shortcuts are taken to get jobs done faster or we become ‘comfortable’ or complacent and go on autopilot. When that happens the critical task of checking for potential safety hazards becomes compromised… more