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Future Moves out and about

Directions Career Centre have recently delivered the Future Moves program for the first time to Dalwallinu District High Schools secondary students. The program was delivered through a series of in-class workshops organised by Deputy Principal (Secondary) Bill Stewart working with Directions’ Career Development Officer Vikki Sinagra. Future Moves is a career guidance program which helps… more

The right advice can change everything!

When Tammy Taylor moved to Northam at the beginning of 2018 she was looking for work and unsure if she wanted to remain in her current industry. On advice from a friend (what a good friend!) Tammy sought assistance from Directions’ Career Centre to help her find work locally. Career Development Officer Megan Creagh met… more

New career in new home town for Koroheke

Starting a new career can be even trickier when you are also starting your life in a new country. But that didn’t stop Koroheke Hemopo who recently relocated to Northam from Christchurch, New Zealand. Koroheke visited Directions’ Career Centre who provided assistance including local labour market information, training options, advice about local services, and one… more

Cameron takes control of his career

With ongoing assistance from Directions’ Career Centre, Northam man Cameron Bloedow has not only found employment but has moved from a casual role to a permanent position as a Traffic Controller. Cameron has received free career guidance, application assistance, help with his resume and free computer and internet access to help him find and apply… more

Career Centre helps Shane get truckin’!

Shane Heuston proved recently that age is no barrier to your career goals if you have perseverance and the right support. Shane has been a Directions Career Centre client since December 2016, receiving career advice, developing a Career Action plan, updating his resume as well as assistance with cover letter writing and advice on addressing… more