Cheapest is rarely best

Directions Workforce Solutions is the simple, fixed-cost, single invoice solution for hiring an apprentice or trainee.

Like other GTOs, we supply recruitment, screening, testing, onboarding, payroll, superannuation, TAFE management, assessment, reporting, and on-site monitoring.

But it’s the things that make us different that will make all the difference to your apprentice or trainee and your business.

We believe wholeheartedly in the Australian standard of fair pay for fair work.

We take time, effort and pride in our work to build resilient workforce solutions that benefit local businesses and improve the career prospects of workers.

And that’s why our quote may not be the cheapest. But cheapest is rarely best and there are a few more intricacies to our pricing.

For a start, we don’t charge for overtime. There are no add-ons, additional premiums or concealed costs. Double time for us doesn’t mean double the charges, and we don’t slap fees on top of everything. The hourly rate of our apprentices may be a little more because they cover all these costs – our clients don’t need to fork out and our apprentices and trainees make a liveable wage.

It’s all part of the Directions difference.

Head to our blog to find out more about our fees and charges.

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