Group Training Organisation

What is a Group Training Organisation (GTO)

As a group training organisation, we provide employment and training opportunities across Perth and the West Australian Wheatbelt region.

There are two ways you can be employed as an apprentice or trainee; directly as an employee of the company with which you will do your on the job training, or with a group training organisation, also referred to as a GTO.

Both require you to enter into a training contract which will be registered with the State government, but as a group training organisation, we handle all the administration related to that training contract, freeing your host employer to focus on your training.

A group training organisation will usually undertake the recruitment for the apprentice or trainee opportunities, including aptitude testing, short-listing, and any other testing as may be required for the job or trade.

The group training organisation will then place you with a host employer for your on the job training, and will provide support, supervision and mentoring, ensure you are in a suitable workplace, and liaise with your registered training provider (such as a TAFE college). As a registered training organisation our key focus is on ensuring the quality of your training, on maximising your potential for a successful completion of your training and the attainment of a nationally recognised qualification.

The group training organisation is your legal employer, and will pay you, and manage such things as your superannuation and PAYE tax instalments, as well as managing your leave entitlements.

As a not-for-profit group training organisation, we are part of your local community, and are committed to enhancing employment and training opportunities and providing the skills needed for success.

Group Training Organisations – Partners for Local Business Success

Group training organisations, also referred to as GTOs, can make it easier for business owners and managers to build skills within their organisations, participate in training, and even help improve their bottom line.

As a ‘partner’ to your business, Directions’ provide comprehensive group training services to enable you to remain focussed on your business and the on-the-job skills development of the apprentice or trainee while we provide the rest. Recruitment services, including aptitude testing and screening, admin support, payroll management, ongoing monitoring and mentoring, liaison for any off the job training or assessments, and the expertise and experience to help maximise the likelihood of successful completion of the apprenticeship or traineeship.

For small to medium enterprises, working with a group training organisation can make it much easier to build the skills your business needs.

As a not for profit organisation, we are part of your community and committed to helping meet the skills needs of local businesses, encourage employment opportunities for local people, particularly young people, and support the economic future of our towns.

In partnership with our Directions Aboriginal Training and Employment program, we can also help with training and employment opportunities via group training for indigenous people, or help you establish indigenous employment plans or meet workforce diversity targets.

Directions’ group training organisations can also work with individual businesses to help develop supervisory skills, support the development of a ‘safety first’ culture, improve the staff engagement and loyalty in your business, and build your brand, all through group training.

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