How Directions can help your business

Full package service

Chosen by 95% of our clients, this package includes everything and removes the stress that can come with employment.

Included in this service is finding the right candidate for your business, all dealings with the TAFE, paying of wages, worker’s compensation, holiday pay, sick pay and superannuation. A Directions coordinator will visit your site every 6-8 weeks to resolve any concerns that you have and resolve these promptly to ensure everything remains running smoothly.

The costs of all these benefits are put into a simple, fixed-cost invoice that you receive fortnightly. Our current clients find this service extremely valuable to their operations and the invoicing style simple and helpful in running the business.

You can read more about our unique billing style here.


Directions’ recruitment service involves advertising, shortlisting, reference checks and conducting interviews with potential apprentices or trainees. This benefits your business as it saves you the many hours it would otherwise take, meaning you can get on with running your business and what it is you do best.


Directions can assist in informing you about the legal aspects that are involved with hiring an apprentice or trainee. This includes phone and email contact at all times and an onsite visit from a field officer every 6 weeks.


Directions offer an outsourced payroll service that can save you the costs associated with this task including staffing, training and keeping up to date with constantly evolving government legislation and awards. This option is personalised and confidential whilst remaining affordable.

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