Learning more about volunteering

Volunteering WA’s Wheatbelt volunteer hub coordinator Tanya Richardson gave a Step Into Volunteering presentation to Directions team members in Northam this week. The session was a great way for our career development team to find out more about the benefits of volunteering for our clients as well as how they can get involved in their communities.

Volunteering is a great way for job seekers and those desiring to make a career change to develop new skills, meet new people, and engage with key people in their area of interest from across the community. It can also be a fantastic opportunity to evaluate if the career pathway they are considering really suits them.

Volunteering WA currently has a wide range of volunteering roles on offer including as animal carers, gardeners, mentors, and in customer service. or there may be other organisations in your area that could benefit. For more information in the Wheatbelt please contact Directions Career Centre on 9622 6500, or visit the Volunteering WA’s website at www.volunteeringwa.org.au

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