Future Moves out and about

Directions Career Centre have recently delivered the Future Moves program for the first time to Dalwallinu District High Schools secondary students. The program was delivered through a series of in-class workshops organised by Deputy Principal (Secondary) Bill Stewart working with Directions’ Career Development Officer Vikki Sinagra. Future Moves is a career guidance program which helps… more

The right advice can change everything!

When Tammy Taylor moved to Northam at the beginning of 2018 she was looking for work and unsure if she wanted to remain in her current industry. On advice from a friend (what a good friend!) Tammy sought assistance from Directions’ Career Centre to help her find work locally. Career Development Officer Megan Creagh met… more

Julauna wins Muresk traineeship

Directions work very hard to identify opportunities for the people in our community. So when an exciting opportunity for a Public-Sector Traineeship became available at Muresk Institute in Northam, our Aboriginal Workforce Development Centre (AWDC) was confident they could find suitable candidates. Julauna Taylor was being assisted by our AWDC to find suitable employment which… more

Persistence pays off for Bradley

One of the things that make Directions successful is our holistic approach to our clients. Add to that a very persistent client and you have a recipe for success. Bradley Smith has been attending Directions’ Career Centre in Northam for assistance in applying for an apprenticeship for three years while continuing his job with a… more

Is recruitment proving a challenge?

No matter what industry you are in, recruitment, particularly for entry-level positions, can be challenging and costly in terms of time, admin, and resources. Conservative industry estimates put the full cost to a business of recruiting for just one person/role at well over $10,000 and some, much higher. If the appointee turns out to be… more