Safety Awards for 3 construction apprentices


Three Directions apprentices were awarded the S.T.A.R.T (STOP-THINK-ASSESS-RECTIFY-TASK) card safety awareness award for August. Apprentices Mason Hewitson (hosted at HanssenVue Towers Project), Dale Richards (hosted at Hanssen Reva Project), and Jeremy Dalgliesh (hosted at Hanssen Palmyra Project) were identified for the award by Apprentice Manager Steve Thomas and Apprentice Consultant Paul Briard for completing their booklets, recognising potential hazards and putting controls into place to keep themselves and fellow workmates safer on site. They have also been issued with special bright orange drill shirts to identify them as safety conscious apprentices.
A total of 48 apprentices took part across the three sites, completing their booklets daily and making sure they understood how to undertake their designated tasks safely with the correct procedures and to identify any hazards or risks they may have come across. The SMART booklet also gives apprentices the confidence to approach site management to report hazards and demonstrate that everyone on site is responsible for the safety of themselves and others regardless of age or experience.
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