Traineeships in WA

You don’t have to go to a college or university to gain a qualification. Traineeships in Western Australia provide a fantastic pathway to a nationally recognised qualification plus you are gaining invaluable work experience while you learn!

Traineeships work by combining employment and training and you are paid for it! They offer a way to build skills and theoretical knowledge as well as the important skills of how to be an effective and safe employee.

Traineeships can be full-time, part-time or even school-based and are usually 12 months to 2 years in duration.

Traineeships are offered to anyone of working age across a wide range of industries and occupations.

For WA businesses, the benefits are many and engaging a trainee through Directions Workforce Solutions will also ensure that all the payroll, back office, mentoring and recruitment* tasks are all taken care of so you can focus on your core activities.

* Depending on which service package suits you.

By hosting a Directions trainee, we can help you:

  • Tailor the training of entry level workers to suit your business
  • Benefit from structured training that meets industry needs
  • Simplify your administration
  • Enhance supervisory skills within your business
  • Improve your team culture and build loyalty
  • Maintain a strong safety focus
  • Improve productivity

There are over 500 apprenticeship and traineeship options available in Western Australia and more than 400 of those are traineeships.

Click here to download a list of what traineeship options are currently available in Perth/Western Australia.