Will You Capitalise on the New Apprenticeship Incentives?

Directions Workforce Solutions welcomes change to the Australian Apprenticeship Incentive Program (AAIP) and the new WA Jobs and Skills Incentive. Both programs are designed to encourage employers to either employ or host apprentices and trainees.

Why Are There Changes?
The federal and state governments are gearing up to boost the number of skilled workers in Australia across a variety of trades. The changes are intended to reflect the value of practical learning and aim to reward people for a variety of choices – including but not limited to the choice to work in a national skills shortage area or the choice to work rurally.

Who Qualifies For An Incentive Reward?
An employer who is employing or hosting a new apprentice may be eligible for a payment. Likewise, an apprentice may be eligible for a payment. Payments range up to $8500 depending on the incentive program and the employer-apprentice conditions.

How We Can Help Employers
We believe the increase in available incentives is only one part of the solution. Finding the right team to manage and mentor apprentices and trainees is the other. Let Directions be part of your team – as a charity-based Group Training Organisation (GTO), Directions has a proven track record of mentoring apprentices and trainees who succeed.

There are some eligibility guidelines to wrap your head around, and each of the incentive programs is different. That’s where we come in. The multi-level nature of the incentives can be challenging, but Directions is committed to passing on all new incentives as a credit for those who qualify at the relevant milestone.

There are also additional benefits to hiring an apprentice or a trainee through a GTO, so make sure to get in touch with us to find out how you can capitalise on both a GTO scheme and the new apprenticeship incentives.

Directions welcome and fully supports schemes that are in line with our overall aim to bridge the gap between apprentices and the workforce, and we are pleased to support any initiative that will address national skill shortages.


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