Zach on the pathway to a nursing career

Zach Antonio visited us at our Northam Jobs & Skills Centre requiring career advice and assistance with exploring the training and employment opportunities in the local area.

After working with our team to construct a career action plan reviewing his current situation, skills, training, goals, and any career ideas he may already have, it became apparent that the health sector was the goal.

Directions team members worked with Zach to identify training options for careers in his area of interest while helping him through one to one assistance and one of our ever popular resume workshops in the meantime.

Senior Career Development Officer Vikki was able to arrange a meeting with Bronwyn Bennet, the Nursing Lecturer for Central Regional TAFE, Northam Campus which then lead to Zach enrolling and commencing his Diploma in Enrolled Nursing less than a week later.

Zach tells us he enjoys the people and environment and that he has already completed units in workplace health and safety, infection control, law and ethics, and is enjoying learning more about health care.

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